​Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is an Evergreen plant in the Coffee (Rubiaceae) Species. It is native to South East Asia, especially Thailand and Malaysia. It has been used for pain, anxiety, and energy in traditional medicine for centuries. It's main compounds are Mitragynine, 7HO-Mitragynine, and Mitraphylline. Kratom is typically found in capsulated, powdered, or extract form. 

At Dragon Tobacco we carry select products from brands such as Organic Kratom, O.P.M.S., MIT-45, Better Leaf, Krave, and Klarity. 

Kratom typically comes in a powdered leaf form. From there, a person can make a tea with the powder, mix it with food, or try the "toss-n-wash" method. Kratom also comes in capsule form making it easier to dose and bypass the bitter taste. Kratom extracts typically exist as an ethanol extract in liquid or resin form. Some more advanced terms are "super" strains which are the largest leafs of the tree harvested. Another is "enhanced" strains which are sprayed over with an extract to give the standard leaf some extra kick. There are also "golden" strains which are put through a special drying process to preserve the active compounds better. 

It may take some exploring to find the right strain and color that's right for you!

Mitragynine and 7HO-Mitragynine are responsible for the pain/anxiety relief while Mitraphylline provides energy. Different strains have different effects based on the region it is harvested, and the color of the vein. Green veins are the most common with well rounded effects. Red veins are more traditionally used for pain relief and white veins are used for energy and mood enhancement. Overall this medley of compounds creates Kratom's medicinal traits that make it such a desirable plant. Popular strains you may run into are Maeng-Da, Bali, Thai, and Malaysian (or Malay). These are named after the region they are harvested from, and they each have a unique effect. 


(Mitragyna Speciosa)